RED January


I’m just going to type and see what this ends up being. More a stream of consciousness than a curated article.

I’ve been keeping up with the people doing RED January and finding them so inspiring. Many people who are like me, getting out and running every day. This is MIND event to raise money and awareness for mental health. I had intended to do this myself but due to my injury I hadn’t been able to.

I’m gutted to not take part and run as much as I’d like to, but that’s not what this is about.

Seeing the people the group has really inspired me. These posts that’s prompted me to try to post a bit more about me and what goes on in my head. This isn’t really about me though but it’s about the guys I’m seeing posts from. In fact I’m watching some vlogs from one of the regular posters that has really inspired me, it’s not hard to be open, I know this very well but make myself to to help others. I see her opening up to the world and feel so inspired and it validates what I’ve been doing and making me want to do more.

These people shows that we are not weak. So many people think we almost choose to be mentally ill, that mental illness is a choice. There is this awful meme showing woods and a tablet, the caption on the woods says “This is an antidepressant” and a caption on the pill saying “This is shit”.

How fucking dare they! Would they tell a diabetic that insulin is shit? (well many of these people probably would, would have some kind of ‘remedy’)

Yeah nature and the outside do help, I love being outside, and in the woods and enjoying all that the world that offers; but some of us need the pills to keep us alive, productive, able to get outside to enjoy these things.


These people on this group have been getting out everyday. For many of them I can imagine how hard that must be, with the moods ebbing and flowing, in the dark and cold. I take my hat off to you all.

What’s also so inspiring is that it’s more than the running. There is so much support and love in this little community that’s been fostered. We’re not alone. We’re sharing the accomplishments together, we’re sharing the dark times together. Over £50,000 has been raised for MIND, people have spread the word, and personally, these people have made me feel less alone.

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