11th September – Factorisation Baby!

Quite a good day today, uneventful morning which is how I like it.
The first half of lunchtime I headed to Tesco with Sammy, good to catch up and we did a delivery of fags and booze to a friend in need (of fags and booze). Had a good laugh and was good to see her, we keep missing coffee due to us both being very busy.

The second half of lunch was a success…

Managed to get my head around factorisation of equations! (I think the naughty Krispy Kreme doughnut helped)
Had been struggling with that one, just wasn’t going in. I’m not sure if it’s the way the OU was explaining it or just my thick head.
Anyway, I was getting the bit about finding the Highest Common Factor in the terms, but wasn’t seeing how the variables come into play.

One example given to factorise was: 12x2y2 – 8xy3
The answer they provided was 4xy2(3x – 2y)
I could see the 4, as that’s the highest common factor of 12 and 8, but couldn’t see why it was xy2 with it, then it smacked me in the face! x times x gives you the x squared, y squared times y gives the y cubed…
Simple when you see what’s in plain sight in front of you! Oh well, this is GCSE stuff, how the hell am I going to manage calculus‽

The afternoon was a bit stressy, our carrier lost one of their core routers so we lost our main Internet link.
Easy enough to switch to the backup link but very running at a third of the bandwidth isn’t fun. Phone ringing quite a bit.

I only just finished my new plans for loss of connectivity yesterday, put to the test and passed so happy about that.

Had a great run after work which really chased the stress away, then got home and Michelle treated us to fish and chips, very tasty and a bit naughty.

Watched a bit of Eureka and now Michelle is baking cakes and I’m looking at a bit more algebra.


Welcome to my blog.

I keep meaning to attempt again to start a blog again, so here I am!

It’s mainly for me really, I live a fairly hectic life and find it’s hard to keep track of what I’m doing all the time. It’ll be nice to look back and see what I’ve done.

So welcome!

Workout 56 of 73 (Half Marathon Training Plan)

I’m currently training to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 6th October.
Doing the plan I found on Runkeeper, the Sub 2:15 Half Marathon Training Plan.

This was an interval based run, starting off with a slow mile, then five repetitions of a faster mile then 1 1/2 mins slow running, finished with a mile slow (I decided to run a hill three times at the end of that).

I found this session hard going at first, but settled into it after the first fast mile and really enjoyed it.
The audiobook I’ve been listening to is getting quite exciting, The Long Earth by Terry Prachett and Stephen Baxter.

Also I completed mission 9 and side mission 5 of series 2 in Zombies, Run!
Upgraded my hospital and some housing.